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Today Me, Tomorrow You

Let me take you on a tour of all my favorite Baroque tombs in Rome. Read the full article and see even more photos here.

All photos by me.

when will the birds stop singing

when will the birds stop singing


The Therin Pantheon | Aza Guilla; Goddess of Death
The Lady Most Kind or The Lady of the Long Silence

➳ Initiates study at Revelation House and wear The Sorrowful Visage, a silver mask worn to remind devotees that Death only has one face, and to frighten them into composing their thoughts into the proper contemplation of death. Initiates are encouraged to seek near death experiences, through whatever means, to better acquaint themselves with the Lady before their final transition into Death Everlasting.

"We are concerned here with death considered in two aspects: Death the Transition and Death Everlasting. Death Everlasting is the realm of the Lady Most Kind; it is a mystery not intended for penetration or comprehension from our side of the Lady’s shroud. Transition, therefore, is the sole way by which we may achieve a greater understanding of her dark mystery." - The Lies of Locke Lamora